“Is this the little girl I carriedWhen did she get to be a beauty?


My beautiful Princess (photo by Shawna Benson, Flash Image Photography)


Where to begin…

I have been considering starting a blog for years. Since before it became the “in” thing to do actually. What has always tripped me up and stopped me from actually taking that leap and putting myself out there is that I wasn’t sure what specifically I wanted to write about. I am not an expert on, well. anything actually. I hold no fancy titles, no laundry list of degrees (Actually I don’t have a degree at all) . Sure, I have had poetry and short stories published here and there over the years, but, nothing I would want to admit to having written at this point in my life.

My husband is really to thank for this blog. He is my biggest encouragement when it comes to my writing. When I spoke with him about starting it and how I ” don’t know what I have to write about?!?!” He simply said …” Just write.” and somehow that is what it took to start this journey.

I hope that for as long as I carve out the time to write you will find enjoyment in what I share, maybe find something useful and for sure be entertained. And if you don’t : that’s the great thing about a blog, you can just hit your browser button and move on to things that suit you better.

Just a few things to keep in mind

God is more than a religion for me. For me God and my faith are simultaneous with breathing. He WILL be a part of my writing. Sometimes boldly others subtly and if that is offensive, well, maybe now would be a good time to utilize that browser button we were talking about earlier 😉

I’m a mom. First and foremost that is what I do, what I am and how I think. So, my being another will most likely be the fuel behind whatever crazy ride this thing turns out to be.This probably won’t be a blog where you can catch up on fashion (unless you want to hear a rant about teen boys needing to pull their pants up, or how teen girls need to cover up anatomy and leave a little to imagination and my humble opinion on that) or politics, trends in society or anything else earth shattering. You will be much more likely to hear about some form of liquid -like substance found in some unmentionable place in my house, put there through the adventures of a child…because at least for now, that is my reality.

Speaking of those little boogers err ummm I mean my lovely kiddos. For now we will be using nicknames for them. At least until I feel not so much like this blog thing put me out for everyone to see.  “Princess” Is our drama, our sparkle, our poetry, our beauty and our awe, She will turn 6 this week. “Little Man” is our almost 3 year old mini daddy, he is our spunk and our laughter and most of the time the source for the half-crazed look on my face, he is also his sisters’ biggest fan and biggest protector and mommy’s snuggler. “Cricket” is our little gift of grace. She came to us unexpectedly and is that general peace we didn’t think could exist in child form. She is almost always all smiles, and her infant self adores every moment of the adoration bestowed upon her.  We are all led by an amazing man whom will be referred to as “Daddy” because that is who he is, and he is AWESOME at it.


Now that this is out there, let me know what you want to hear about. Maybe I will accommodate, maybe I will share our meal plan for the month. Who knows. This mommy is going to step down from her soapbox and head to bed! Sleep tight,