Me Neither Mondays

Have you ever secretly been just a little relieved that your son is being defiant because it means he is finally feeling better?… ūüėČ

Me Neither

Have you ever wished the weekend was 5 days instead of the week?

Me Neither

Have you ever looked around grateful for the little things that pull you out of the crazy and think “Man, I am so blessed!” …………..



Instead of Me Neither Monday

Let’s make it ME TOO TUESDAY! What is something you have recently said or done that you think somebody else has felt before??? I will go first..

Are you ever so tired that the simple act of keeping your eyes open

is done by sheer force of will?

Me TOO ( right now in fact)

Do you ever say something to your child and *KNOW* you are not being kind/patient/loving etc…and yet, you really truly honestly can’t figure out if you even care because they have done the thing frustrating you so many times in 1 day/week/hour ( or mere minutes) You just can’t imagine saying it rationally again???

Me too ¬†ūüė¶¬†

Have you ever thought to yourself, “if it keeps up like this I will be insane my bedtime.” and meant it.

Me too….


Can you tell what kind of day I am having?????

*yawning* *pouring more coffee* *sigh*



Fading into motherhood instead of the woodwork

There are often moments as a mother (especially as the mother of a pretty outgoing and social girl) that I find myself stepping out and doing things that I am completely uncomfortable with within myself. For example Princess had a school “ball” tonight. It was her first “dance” and she was ecstatic. Now, this is exactly the scenario I am talking about…loud, crowded, strangers, food from unknown sources… all things that given a choice I would pretty much avoid unless at gunpoint. HOWEVER, it is no longer up to me to be comfortable. It was important for my little girl to get to go to this ball. She was SO excited for her evening I wanted her to experience it without feeling like I was dragging her back. So tonight I donned a dress I barely, managed to squeeze into and *with my mom’s rescue was not entirely inappropriately sharing parts of my nursing self in- Thanks Mom! *¬† I Danced, not just a little sway but full on danced with my little girl and her friends. The smiles on the little faces of innocent¬†kindergarten besties who mean so much to me was well worth the angst I was feeling wondering if anyone who cared what I looked like was watching. I am POSITIVE I looked silly. I am POSITIVE that my dancing wouldn’t win any awards. I am POSITIVE that if ¬†any of the mothers in the room actually were judging me, I gave them PLENTY to talk about. DO I care??? well, yes. I don’t like thinking I looked silly. But, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Know why? Because tonight I actually saw my little girl light up when *THE* boy in her class asked her to dance. I got to see her accept her very first valentine flowers from a little boy who she is friends with. I got to hear her giggles with her best friend as they danced so hard they were rosy-cheeked. I got to see her light up as her daddy took her hands to dance with her. I got to see my little girl dance, and sway and do it ALL with abandon. NOTHING was going to inhibit her. BOY, do I ever ¬†pray she always has that kind of confidence. Maybe I can take a lesson or two from her.¬†

I find so many times that stepping out of myself in order to be the kind of mother I try so very hard to be, I am often feeling much like some other version of myself. It has taken time but I am learning that maybe it isn’t really a different version though. I think maybe it is this hidden part of me that years of human interaction, heartache, disappointment and even betrayal has squelched. It honestly felt good to just laugh with my daughter as I taught her the box step, and how to do the twist.¬†

Kinda funny how before you have kids you think your job as a mom will be to teach them, yet, it doesn’t seem to take long until in our hearts we see it is them teaching us.¬†

What things have YOU stepped out and done differently in the name of motherhood? 


Me NEITHER Monday…late entry

“Have you ever had one of those times that you were just to tired and something had to be put off “? ¬†… ME NEITHER¬†¬†Yah…me too. Sorry readers. This was me lastnight with my blog. My laptop had died which meant sitting at my desk to type this or just waiting till Tuesday. So here it is Me Neither Monday…Better late than never!!!

Have you ever thought to yourself: “They will either stop eventually or kill each other instead.” and then just walked away from arguing children….

Me Neither.


Have you ever realized that the goals you made for your year are maybe a little too steep and wished you hadn’t made such a huge deal out of New years with your kids so you could just go back on your own?…

Me Neither

Have you ever looked at your child and thought they had grown so much maybe you were in a coma for a while and nobody told you???…



Have you ever just “known” something and couldn’t explain why?…

Me Neither


Have you ever actually prayed the words “Dear, Father. Give me patience today because I have NONE left at all.” And totally meant every word? …

Me Neither 


Have you ever followed the above prayer a little while later with ” Oh Lord, I am so sorry. I am so grateful. I don’t know what I would do without my family. Thank you for them! “…



And so, fellow mommies, confused people who stumbled upon my blog thinking they found something about cooking, politics or parenting standards, Daddies who wonder what goes on in Mommy’s head sometimes… I bid you blessing for the day and hope you have an amazing week.¬†

Me Neither Mondays… A sarcastic approach to every day life

In an attempt to be somewhat consistent with my writing goals I decided I need a steady article I can write once a week with the same type of material that doesn’t require much forethought… TA ‘DA! “Me Neither Mondays”. Enjoy and play along. It’s an easy way to vent together. *I reserve the right to not allow any comments that are¬†distasteful¬† disrespectful or just icky though so keep it clean folks.*




“Have you ever looked at the half a cake on your counter and thought nobody would care if you ate directly out of it with ¬†fork?” ….. Yah, ME NEITHER



“Have you wondered why bother wearing a shirt at all while nursing?”…ME NEITHER


“Have you ever just decided to go ahead and wear the dirty jeans because it’s easier than doing another load of laundry?”…Me Neither


“Have you ever had a million things perfect to say or write in the back of your mind and pulled out your blog to write them and magically all you can think about is bed??? … Me NEITHER ūüėČ


your turn….GO!

Happy 6th birthday

Today my oldest little girl,Princess, turned 6. The whole thing felt a little crazy like I was walking around in a fog. Partially I am sure due to lack of sleep the night before but also because it just seems so crazy that 6 years has gone by. I mean, she is now officially closer to being in double digits than single ones. She didn’t ask for a baby doll this year, in fact she wanted Barbie. I can remember when she was tiny feeling like I would never again be able to step away from her. She was an extremely fussy baby and I often felt like my life had ended as I knew it to be replaced with eternal exhaustion when she would cry for hours. Here I am, 5 years after that first year and no, I can’t sit here and honestly say I am wishing she was still a baby. The reality of it is, I’m just not in love with the baby stage as a general rule. I much prefer a little independence. That said, I am relishing every moment that she still climbs into my lap to hear me read a story, each time she asks me to snuggle with her at night, the smell of her baby shampoo (being quickly replaced by the fruity, sugary smells of a little girl experimenting with makeup, chapstick and mommy’s bath gels.), the fact that’s she still has to take her “guys” and “blankies” with her when she goes to my parents overnight. With every “I love you mommy” and I need you mommy” my heart takes an extra beat. Someone once told me to cherish every last. And I am.
So happy birthday monkey bug, mommy loves you all the way to the moon.