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I am Still Breathing…

…I think…

The end of March and so far into April have been NUTTY CRAZY absolutely busy. I find myself busier than ever these days, and I am not sure why, my blog- the 1 thing I write just for my own pleasure always gets left until last. More on that later… when I have more time ( ironic right?!?!) 

I have had much on my mind and heart lately that will be in coming weeks entered into the blog world to begin the process of sorting itself into clarity. BUT, for today… for this moment… I am going to give you a highlight of the last few weeks. We had some pretty great and amazing things happen over the last weeks. Birthdays galore ( my nephew turned 2, Little man turned 3 and they had friends turn 6, cousins getting older) BIRTH-day of my sweet 2nd Goddaughter. whom I have not asked permission to talk about on a public forum so won’t at the moment. Sometime when I remember to ask her, I hope their Mommy will let me share my story of how they came to be such special little people in my life.We had sunny warm days, rainy days and SNOW…AGAIN…UGH! My little man decided it was ok to pet a dog! FINALLY after us trying everything since he could walk to convince him it would be ok. I started a 90 day health challenge called Body By Vi, and promoting the product…so many other little things but here is a snapshot of the more interesting parts:


Somebody started Crawling…then within hours..pulling up


Oh Baby, please slow down!

We had the privilege of celebrating Easter … I was honored to join our worship team and give a cardboard testimony of how I see God in my life, My Family including my grandparents and parents as well as some very dear friends attended services with us and it was like having a bible camp high!  We followed that with dinner an easter egg hunt and naps on the couch. It was an amazingly sunny beautiful day and we were (are) so blessed 



Little man couldn’t understand why we couldn’t take the bunny out and put it on a leash. Well, Why do they make them come with birth certificates and stuff anyway? geez! Image

She wasn’t really sure what all the fuss was about but, her first easter dress was pretty special!

For me anyway



My Little Man turned 3

I can’t believe it. It happens without looking, while you blink, in the moments that you sleep close your eyes for any brief stretch of time. 



And I absolutely could not love him more. 

His smile makes my day. 



In the briefest of moments when the sun comes out they LOVE being outside. And , this was an AMAZING gift for them 🙂 



Baby Cricket thought it was pretty neat too! Her smile and laugh made EVERYONE happy.

Even in the rain. 

Mostly my days lately have been like this:



And this…


Which took Cricket all of 5 min.

and happens while I do things like this:



or relish moments when they are not killing each other  playing together so well.



BUT every once in a while…When I am feeling brave… I let it all relax and get to do something fun. 

Like 80’s BUNCO night with MOPS



Here’s to Busy, Busy days… and now I am off to make dinner, and prepare for yet another busy, busy week.