Fantastic Fridays

Hi friends! As I am sitting on my window bench soaking up my coffee I am watching fog roll off the hills around my house. What are you doing this morning? I know my morning sounds lazy (and probably lovely) to many of you. It would to me too. In fact I would probably be thinking ” That’s nice for her :p ” and clicking the little red x to make this page go away. However, hear me out. First of all I assure you: I have been up for hours. These few moments to blog and sip my coffee are rare and cherished. So here is my wish for each of you today : Be blessed my friends. I hope each of you finds a few moments to recharge however that happens best for you. I pray that each of you who read this page today can find the strength to carry on in whatever you are dealing with right now. 

I feel like today calls for something a little lighthearted. SOOOOO I am going to give you 3 things: A fall recipe I love, a couple of my favorite quotes and an open invitation to comment and tell me something (what you want to read here on my soapbox, how you are feeling today, what you are doing today, prayer requests whatever…) and I PROMISE I will read and respond to EVERY. SINGLE. post 🙂 I am giving you the gift of  time with #3 🙂 


#1 : A favorite Fall recipe

Crockpot  Fall Cider

1 bottle fresh pressed apple juice

1/2 bottle orange juice

1/4 bottle cranberry juice

4-6 cinnamon sticks

3 T. ground ginger

3T. vanilla extract

sliced oranges, and apples – enough to fill the top layer of the crock. ( I slice the apples in rounds because the star shape in the center is prettier) 


Combine all ingredients and turn on crock pot on low. Cider is ready to serve ( or in my case devour all by myself before anyone arrives) as soon as it is hot- HOWEVER, that said it is much better after a few hours. I begin my crockpot by noon to serve in the evening. – Enjoy! It’s such a simple recipe but it has gotten rave reviews at functions.


#2 a few Favorites 

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.
William Penn 

Don't Worry

Ok those are just a few. I am kindof a “quotesaholic”. It was HARD to choose just a few favorites to share here today.  I love these little bits of wisdom. I love pretty much the entire book of Proverbs in the Bible for that reason 😉 


I have no penny for your thoughts, but, a prayer for each of you today. 





The Power of Apology

 Hello blog readers (all 3 of you; ) ), 

        This morning I want to write about something I have been studying. Deep within the recesses and dark places of my heart this thought is always itching to surface. Apology. What does it really mean? Is it simply saying you are sorry and moving on? Is it a deep seated grief within you that you have sinned one heart against another? We teach our children to “say sorry” when they hit their siblings, hurt a friend, break an object, disobey… at least I do, am WAS.  In my study of reactions and emotion that I am doing during quiet time (If you have not read Lysa TerKeurst’s book Unglued I strongly suggest it as an addition to your book list. powerful stuff here folks.) I am studying emotions and how our reactions to them can affect us and the people around us. I am really working on making my reactions Godly. Today I read this ” Everything I do and say tells a story of who I am serving.” I am feeling very convicted by all of this. I want people to see the workmanship of God alone when they see/ hear/interact with me. My reactions are not always loving pure or Godly. In fact they rarely are. Now I would like to share a secondary part to that. What happens when my reactions are NOT Godly…

Case and point: Scenario: 

child1 enters room ” MOM, HE HIT ME!” 

Child2 closely behind yelling over the top of child1 “MOMMY, she, she sheeee is being SO mean!” 

Child3 ” TEARS” 

Dog: barking and scratching at the door…..

Now bear in mind where am I during all this? The bathroom. of course I am. seriously?!?! All I needed was 5 minutes and I couldn’t get it. 


dog: lays down

Child1, child2, child3 ” leave room in tears” 

My heart breaks… I have failed as a mother, as a mentor to my children, as an example of Christ. 

I go to find my children…the dog can wait… and I “Apologize” 

“Guys, I am sorry for yelling. ” 

Child1: “Mom, you always say that when you yell. I forgive you. I’m sorry I made you mad. ” 

I barely heard everything after that first part. My heart was broken at the realization that my daughter who I really do love and adore did not believe I was truly apologizing. She knew I would be doing it all again another time. She did not equate my “I’m sorry” with true apology… and I realized later in the day when another incident happened I was not teaching my kids to apologize but to say I am sorry. And there’s a difference. A REALLY BIG difference. 

This is what the dictionary says on the subject

 SORRY: feeling sorrow or regret

—used to express polite regret

—used to introduce disappointing or bad news in a polite way


: a statement saying that you are sorry about something

:an expression of regret for having done or said something wrong

Saying you are sorry are simply the words USED in an apology. The polite term. We shouldn’t BE sorry… we should SAY sorry.

and WHEN we should apologize? Well, that’s a whole post about repentance. But, to put it in general terms: 


to feel or show that you are sorry for something bad or wrong that you did and that you want to do what is right

I guess the thing I have learned is, in this house we will no longer use polite “sorry” but instead we will apologize. 

Dear Kids , I am very sorry I hurt your feelings by yelling. I did not mean to hurt you but, I know I did and I will try to do better in the future. Please forgive me for choosing to yell instead of speaking respectfully. – Love, Your repentant Mom. 


P.S: The dog did get to go out…and I did not even yell when she rolled in my flower bed…