Mommyhood Tips and Tricks…

A tidbit I wrote or our local chapter of MOPS. Sharing for those far away. But, really you should just follow the bigfork MOPS blog anyway. There are often great articles, tips, calendars of events etc… on there.

Mommyhood Tips and Tricks
from a mom of three…and her village of mommy friends

With the birth of my third child I was introduced to a syndrome called “Alwaysbehinditis”. The symptoms include- being perpetually late, forgetting at least one item at the grocery store every…single…time…, being short one hand for every project I need to do, and a strange obsession with finding 10 minutes of complete silence. There are awesome benefits too though. For example, single women in the grocery store dressed to the nines buying expensive bottles of wine and brie, often give me a look that is partially awe, but mostly pity and terror, and more often than not allow me and my brood to cut in line getting us out the door 4.5 minutes sooner than we would have. Another benefit: I now have an unofficial degree in caffeine medication. And I can spot a parking spot…

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