Falling into Autumn…

Picture this. You are walking along a path headed to a pond. Just as you almost reach the edge, you trip. You roll. You land in a heaping mess with one foot in the water. A little banged up but, not so much that it’s unbearable. You ended up where you were going but, not quite in the way you had in mind. That is how I feel about this autumn. As if, all summer I was headed toward it but in the last several days I have just fallen and become somewhat bungled in my attempt to reach the first day of school still on my feet.

This summer was one of those that made memories. I am grateful.

It’s sort of funny to me how my body and my heart can crave the schedule, the crisp fall air, chai tea, warm socks, the quiet house…and dread it all at the same time.

Fall brings about my creative side though. For me summer is about activity and as the leaves turn and the weather goes from tank tops to turtlenecks (yay, Montana) in the blink of an eye (or rather you close your eyes to sleep with it being 98* and wake up freezing  and it’s now 48*) my creative side comes alive and I desire to write again. To paint again. To sit down and read again.

So, here we are. Falling into the crisp cool (or if you live where I do the wet and drippy cold) autumn.

Welcome back to my blog. And, may you be blessed in the coziness of this season.