Dried out ink


I am realizing as I age that I am sortof a strange mix of personality. I am fueled by my friends and am an out loud thinker. I process better when I talk something through than I do when I process in my own head. However, when I spend too much time with people-even people I love- I get burnt out and drained and long for quiet and warm covers and solitude. I used to write. It seemed like writing was about the simplest way for me to “get it all out” and yet also be alone. I used to just WRITE. For hours. For days. About anything.  Lately though, I feel as though every pen in my life has gone dry and I have nothing left to say and yet, a LONGING to just get it all out. I know that sounds… conflicted. I am conflicted. And, I am tired of living in my head and feeling conflicted.


Over the course of this school year I will be writing again. I don’t know what might come out.  But, I hope there end up being some good nuggets there that encourage. I hope I find myself in the words I type. And, I hope my words can give us something to connect on.


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