The girl in the corner

Almost 3 years ago I walked into a hospital  room. A long time friend was having very scary pregnancy complications. Through circumstances and life, as well as pride and hurt and many other factors this long time friend and I had not been close in the last few years. It had saddened me, but, I had made no attempt to fix it. And now, here I was. Bringing a gift for her, a gift for her baby, and hopefully starting to mend the damage to our friendship…Since then we have rekindled our friendship and are working our way to a new and bright future. A new friendship as mothers. But, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the girl in the corner.

When I entered the room there were familiar faces all around. I had known this family  since I was 8 (the age my daughter is now CRAZY). But, in the corner was a well-dressed beautiful girl who I found out was to be my friends sister-in-law. She was outspoken but, loving and if I am honest I wasn’t worried too much about her in that moment. Little did I know what God had in store. Fast forward. There is a ton of junk that has happened since then. A ton of little details that probably don’t matter to anyone but me. Through a story that is not mine, but, hers to tell we were thrown together through life handing her a BUNCH of freakin’ lemons. My past experiences allowed me to be able to support her in ways that not many people can. This is why I am grateful for my trials. It is why I believe I was given them. You never know how God is going to use the things that are hard.

But, now my friend is going down a road I have not traveled. Oh, I can somewhat grasp what she must be feeling. I have experience with scary medical stuff, my kids have had scary medical issues, I’ve had a miscarriage. But this? No, never this. This is AWFUL. This is UNFAIR.

This summer I found out that she was trying to have a second baby. I will admit I was amazed right then because she already has a toddler who was turning 1 at the time.

But, I was happy for her when she told me they had conceived. I was honored to be able to be a part of sharing her surprise with her family both near and far.

Then things started to get rough. She was SERIOUSLY SICK, with this pregnancy. And then well, we thought she was losing Baby Punkin. And the rest, You need to know from her perspective.

Her story needs to go viral because her testimony is real. It’s raw. And honestly, someday in some way this is going to be such a huge platform for her to be there in someone else’s time of need. Right now, today, her story needs to go viral though because she needs help. She needs the world to fall at the feet of Jesus and petition him that in His grace He save her baby, and if that is not to be those knees still need to hit the floor in prayer for her comfort and strength as she goes before a battle that I cannot imagine fighting.

Join me as #IwillprayforbabyJ I fall on my knees for her. You can follow it at the link in my comments section…